CC LED Driver 60W-100W IP67

  1. Metal Case
  2. IP67 waterproof, full sealed
  3. Constant current drive mode
  4. CE CB passed
  5. 3-5 years warranty
  6. PF>0.95
  7. 30W as below
  8. Dimension:166x63x40mm
  9. Working temperature: -40~70
  10. Drive mode: Constant current and constant voltage , CC+CV, current accuracy: ±5%
  11. THD<12%

Products Parameter

Model NO Input voltage (V) output voltage/V output current/mA Flicker Efficiency/230Vac
CL-60-C1700A1 90-264Vac 23-36VDC 1700mA Flicker Free 90.0%
CL-65-C1300A1 90-264Vac 36-50VDC 1300mA Flicker Free 90.0%
CL-75-C1250A2 90-264Vac 40-55VDC 1250mA Flicker Free 90.0%
CL-75-C2100A1 90-264Vac 28-36VDC 2100mA With 89.5%
CL-85-C1700A1 90-264Vac 36-50VDC 1700mA Flicker Free 90.0%
CL-100-C2700A1 90-264Vac 25-36VDC 2700mA Flicker Free 90.0%
CL-100-C2700A2 90-264Vac 25-36VDC 2700mA With 88.5%
CLH-75-C700A1 90-264Vac 65-107VDC 700mA Flicker Free 90.5%
CLH-100-C650A1 90-264Vac 90-150VDC 650mA Flicker Free 90.5%