January 15, 2020

NEW Product Launched, 4.2V 40A Power Supply

Small pitch led screens, rental led screens are quite popular recently years, especial the rental type, require light weight, easy to transport and install. Which will require small size led power supplies inside.  this new series is quite compact design, super slim size, the thickness only 31mm! suitable for most indoor led screen applications!

Below is major features:

*90-264VAC wide input voltage, suitable for global market and voltage requirement

*Built in active PFC circuit, PF>0.95, energy-saving products

*Efficiency up to 91.5%, high efficiency produce less heat, high reliability

*Over voltage/over current/short circuit/over temperature protection, full protections, safety always comes first for electric products.

*-40 to 65℃ wide working temperature range

*CE EMC LVD Qualified.

*3 years warranty

* Dimension: 208x59x31mm 


Good news is that we have three output voltage options,

4.2V 40A,

4.5A 40A,

5.0V 40A

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